by Sabine & Craig Stephens

C O R N   P I L L O W S


About our Corn Pillows / Heating & Cold Packs

Our microwaveable Corn Pillows give comforting warmth and can help relief from pain caused by cramps, backaches, tension headaches, muscle strain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, joint pain, or anywhere a little warmth is needed. These pillows can also provide great relief from tension and stress – and they are great for warming up when you are cold. All of our Corn pillows have a washable cover.

Our Corn Neck Pillows (21"x6") are longer and narrower than our regular Corn Pillows (10x14") to wrap around neck and shoulders, or wherever you need it to apply warmth. The removable insert of the Corn Neck Pillow has four separate chambers filled with corn to assure even distribution of warmth and to keep grain in place. The insert of the regular Corn Pillow is not divided into chambers to keep the pillow more flexible for applying around ankles or knees. Both Corn Pillow sizes can be applied warm or cold to any body part.

The pillows may also be frozen and used as Ice Packs. they are very useful for sports injuries, sunburns, swelling or simply to cool you down. Depending on personal preference, you may want to keep your Corn Pillow inside a plastic bag while storing in the freezer.

External Cover is made with durable 100% designer cotton fabric and can be easily removed for washing. Inner shell is generously filled with 100% natural corn grain.


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Get relief from pain caused by Arthritis

Moist Heat can be used at home for 15 to 20 minutes three times a day to relieve symptoms. Cold supplied by a corn bag helps to stop pain and reduce swelling when used for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. It is often used for acutely inflamed joints. This temporary relief can make it easier for people who have arthiritis to exercise.

(Source: Publication No. 01-4855 / U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Helath, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)


Easy Use & Care

Heat your Corn Pillow in the microwave for approx. 2-3 minutes with proper rotation, or until desired temperature is reached. Pillows may also be frozen. External cover is made of 100% cotton fabric and can easily be removed for washing. All Corn Pillows come with printed care instructions.

To use as a cold wrap, keep your Corn Pillow in the freezer as you do with an ice pack until you use it. Time for kernels to freeze depends on the set temperature of your freezer.


Custom Orders Welcome!

Do you have an idea about a specific fabric or a need for a larger or smaller size of a Corn Pillow? Send us a message through Etsy or facebook and we will be happy to accommodate your needs in a Custom OrderYou will also receive discounted prices for bulk orders and combined shipping rates for three or more Corn Pillows.


Personal Experience & Testemonies

My husband Craig has Arthritis in many parts of his body. Especially his ankle and toe joint used to be so stiff in the morning that he could hardly walk. His toe froze up every night and it took him ten minutes of massaging his foot until he could even take a step and get out of bed.

Desperate to find ways to get him relief, I thought I would try to make him one of those corn pillows that I had seen for sale at the local mall. I made a corn pillow myself, stuck it at the end of the bed by my husband's feet at night and it did not take long until he could actually move his toes when he woke up in the morning. The swelling on his ankles went down not too long after and to this day he is relieved from his pain. Of course it is not a cure - but it sure helps loosen up those stiff joints and muscles.

I still warm up a corn pillow for my husband every night before bed time, and very often I take one for myself to bed in addition to warming it up during the day to relieve my chronic back pain.

We use our Corn Pillows for muscle soreness after yard work or when we come home from a motorcycle ride. We use them to relieve headaches, knee aches, backaches and so much more. And sometimes, these corn pillows just great for simply warming yourself up on a cold day. Try sticking a warm corn pillow into your bed a few minutes before you go to sleep - we can guarantee that you will love it!

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